ANX 3.0

Click here for our latest ANX 3.0 Product Information Document (MS Word Doc).

The Ansar Introduction is a Powerpoint presentation which explains our technology; (how it differs from other technologies which assess the ANS, why it offers better patient care and improved outcomes, as well as financial side of it). "The Ansar ANX 3.0 Introduction (as described above)." (Ansar Medical Technologies, Inc.)

  • Click here to download a 3 minute long flash presentation about our technology.
  • Click here for the Ansar "click-through" flash slide presentation tutorial (the one in the software).

The Science of ANS Monitoring

If you would like to learn more about the Science of ANS Function testing, please view or download the documents below:

  • This document defines and explains the parameters on the Ansar Multi-Parameter Graph report page which is generated during an Ansar ANS Function Test; please click the following title to view/download: Ansar Report Parameters
  • This document explains why the ANS should be tested/monitored; please click the following title to view/download: Why Monitor the ANS?
  • This document is regarding the use of ANS Monitoring in Pain Management; please click the following title to view/download: ANS in Pain Management

Application Downloads

To view the files above you may require various programs, free versions are noted below:

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